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What is a car tent?

A car tent is a retractable awning that can keep your car safe from the aspects like a traditional car cover plus keep the inside much cooler on those hot summer season days. This innovative innovation is taking the car industry by storm and reinventing the way we think of managing our cars in unfavorable weather condition. Imagine never having to brush off snow once again, or scrape off ice! Picture getting in your lorry on the hottest days of the year and no longer experiencing those alarmingly high interior temperatures. It would feel like you were always parked in that best shady area we can never ever appear to find on those sweltering days. a heavy duty car tent

Car tents also called car canopies are kind of like large umbrellas for your car. They attach to the roof using a powerful suction cup and strap down around the door manages with soft hooks.

a heavy duty car tent

There have actually been a number of car camping tents on the marketplace for a while, however there’s one that truly stands apart as the very best. The Lanmodo Car Tent is one of the coolest, most innovative car devices we have actually ever seen. The design is so unbelievable, the leading model functions not just as a rooftop car tent, however also as a beach umbrella and camping tent! The best part – it’s automatic. That’s right, using a remote similar to a car crucial fob, the awning can open and withdraw immediately. That indicates that with a click of a button you can safeguard your car from the sun, snow, hail, falling particles – pretty much anything life can toss at you. It’s like having an “instant garage” taking a trip with you!

Different Lanmodo Models

Lanmodo Pro Automatic Requirement Unit

The standard design will offer whatever you require to keep your car conveniently safe from the components all 4 seasons. An anti theft style with steel cable incorporated into the straps making it difficult to cut through and steal. The canopy can not be eliminated without closing it initially, which requires access to the remote control. Each design has Consists of remote control, car battery charger, wall battery charger and carrying bag. Each model is designed with 3 windproof integrations: a strong suction cup that can deal with approximately 70 kgs of pressure, 8 strong wind straps to hold it down, and a 2 layer material style that channels wind through the car tent versus under it.

a heavy duty car tent

Lanmodo Pro Automatic Car Tent With Stand

All the very same functions and benefits of the standard system, but with the option to utilize as an umbrella. This setup essentially includes a stand so that the canopy can be used as a beach umbrella or defense throughout other activities like fishing.

Lanmodo Pro All-in-one Car Tent

This is the top design. Whatever from above, with the addition of some other products to make this the ultimate outdoor camping accessory. While placed on top of the automobile serving to secure it, an extra awning can be stretched out to supply shade and security to a few people below, as well as the car.

When nighttime falls, quickly eliminate the car tent from the roofing of the car and transform it into an outdoor camping tent, total with LED light and usb charging for your devices, and sleep approximately 7 people!

lanmodo car tents up to $140 off



As if everything we have actually described wasn’t ingenious enough, Lanmodo provides complete customization of their car tents. Unique designs, customized logos and a lot more!

You can design your own custom-made car tent on their site.

If you’re wondering if Lanmodo offers shipping to your country, they have free worldwide shipping.

Click here to learn more about the Lanmodo car tent

Lanmodo was featured on sites such as CNN and Business Insider. Check out a cool video here.

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